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H.M.D.Y Engineering                                                                                                             


.H.M.D.Y Engineering was incorporated and registered, by the Companies Law, as a limited company in 2000
.The Company owners are Mira and David Yaloz
.The Company offices are located on 65 Bar Yehuda St., Nesher
.The company complies with the ISO 9001-2008 procedures
Office staff

The Company employs a staff including engineers, practical engineers, draftsmen, constructor, architect, and administrative staff
There are 23 AutoCAD stations in the office, as well as GIS software for water network solver, sewer and drainage solver and other software

Professional experience 
The Company staff have vast experience and knowledge in the planning, consulting and supervision in the fields of municipal infrastructures, master plans for water supply, master sewer plans, drainage master plans, and detailed planning of water, sewer, channeling and drainage systems, pumping stations, reservoirs, filtering plants, treatment plants and planning of internal systems for public buildings and computerized mapping

Lines of activity and expertise
H.M.D.Y Engineering deals in the planning, consulting, management and supervision in fields of water, drainage, and sewer and channeling infrastructures, electro-mechanical systems, plants, pumping stations for water and sewer, reservoirs, storage ponds, master plans, wastewater treatment plants, fresh water filtering plants, physical and electronic protection and other civil engineering .  works
The Office also provides consultation and close accompaniment services for water and sewer corporations on various subjects, including accompaniment of outline plants, urban outline plans, mapping, surveys in various fields, engineering, administrative and legal opinions 

Company clients
:The clientele of the H.M.D.Y Engineering Company includes various corporations and authorities, such as 

Ramat Gan municipality, Kiryat Shmone municipality, Nesher municipality, Akko municipality/Nei Akko corporation, Nahariya
municipality, Holon municipality, Hazor Haglilit local council, Yesod Hama'ala local council, Rosh Pina local council, Hazor Haglilit Local council, Makif Company, Israel Government Tourist Cooperation, Bnei Brak municipality, Tuba Zangariya local council, Yavne'el local council, Migdal local council, Even Yehuda local council, Kazerin local council, Lod municipality/ Mei Lod Corporation, Ashqekon municipality/ Mei Ashqelon corporation, Nativot municipality,  Elad municipality, Kiryat Yam municipality/Yamim Corporation, Tel Mond local council, Kadima/Tzoran local council, MNei Modiyin Corporation,/Modiyin Municipality, Modiyin Ilit municipality, Mateh Binyamin regional council, Efrat local council, Mei Rakat Corporation, Peleg Hagalil corporation, Hatanur Corporation, Mei Netanya, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Motzkin , Kiryat Bialik, Beitar ilit, Maayanot Atta, Kinneret Drainage and Streams Authority, Alfei Menashe, Binyamina Givat Ada, Pardes Hana Karkur/Water Resources, Palgei Sharon, Meitva – Petach Tikwa, Mei Ono, Valley Streams, Mei Na – Afula, El Ein Corporation, Public Works Department/Nativey Israel, Kiryat AArba, Beit El, Or Akiva, Hadera municipalite  
 :Some of the projects completed by the company are
Asset surveys and infrastructure mapping
.Performance of assets census 
Master plans for water and sewer, drainage and outline plans
.Drainage master plan for Tel Aviv, sewer masterplan for Kefar Saba, outline plan for Kefar Saba for water and sewer 
.Sewer master plan for Nesher, sewer master plan for Kiryat Ono, water master plan for the city of Akko 
Sewer master plan for the city of Bnei Brak, sewer master plan for Kochav Yair, Zur Yigal, channeling master plan for Kiryat Shmone, channeling master plan for Kiryat Motzkin, water master plan for Tiberius, water master plan for Kafar Kama, water master plan  for Kiryat Yam, update of channeling master plan for Tiberius – before performance, sewer master plan for the city of Arad
Pumping stations, ponds, plants and treatment plants n
.Pumping station for summer water in Tiberius, infrastructure plan for summer water in Tel Aviv
.Improvement of the wastewater treatment process at the wastewater treatment plant in Tiberius
.Planning of a tertiary treatment process in the Kefar Hitim treatment plant in Tiberius 
.Planning the upgrade of the Shachak wastewater treatment plant and addition of tertiary treatment
.Planning of fresh water storage ponds at plant 2 in Tiberius

:Information about the main engineer of the company

.Water Engineer - the city of Tiberias
         Manager Water Works – the city of Tiberias 
                  .Design and Development of the Municipal Water Works
                  . Design and Erection of the Pumping Station for Water Supply at low Water tables 
                 . Establishment of Control Systems
                    .Computerized Mapping of Infrastructures: water, sewage, drainage and lightning system
                 .Unification of the Water Works, Sewage and Canaling
                   Preparation of an international tender for a large and complex project In the state if Israel, for the treatment and filtration of .water

.Establishment of Water and Sewage Company under the foundation of the municipality of the city of Tiberia
.Preparation of long-term programmes for sewage, water and drainage in the city of Tiberias
.Promotion of the establishment of the Purification Station for Tiberia’s sewage
.Completion of the project for the reducyion of water losses
.Operating of the station of treatment and filtration of the water in the city of Tiberias
.Preparation of a tender for the maintenance of pumping stations for water and sewage
Issuing an international tender for the erection of a purification station for the sewage of the city of Tiberias
Authorizing the participation of the various companies in the above tender, completion of the preparation of the second stage
.of the tender
.Company Engineer at H.M.D.Y. Engineering, Ltd
:Scope of employment
:Advising and Design for the authorities
Technical advisor of water commission
.Technical advisor of U.L.A
.Advisor in the area of water economising


בר יהודה 65, נשר.